ChurchGrowth Testimony

Chapter Leader 1 (00:00):

Having the scouts, navigators, um, in the church has been a very good way for our church to not be so insulated to. It has brought people from outside our little group of people who all know each other is brought new people into the church.

Chapter Leader 2 (00:19):

Our chapter, um, has been very good for the Ethical Society, I think, uh, both because it’s been a, an area for families within the society to get to know each other better. Uh, but also it’s been good for the membership of the society. We have two, uh, two or three members of our council currently who heard about our, uh, ethical Navigator chapter through some sort of Google search. I don’t know exactly how, but that’s what they heard of first. And they came to join the navigators. And then after being part of, um, our navigators, which is part of the Ethical Society, they later joined the Ethical Society. So it has been good for our sponsor. Um, it has been good for us. It’s been good for our family.

Chapter Leader 3 (01:01):

And we were navigator members for over a full year before we signed up to be official Ethical Society members.