Alternative Scouting

The Navigators USA alternative scouting program was created to include everyone, and to help each person develop their fullest potential without discrimination. We aim to establish a world without prejudice or ignorance, and to treat every person with respect, no matter their race, creed, lifestyle, or ability.

Navigators USA Is A Welcoming & Secular Scouting Program

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Inclusive Scouting

Our scouting organization is committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity. We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to benefit from and contribute to scouting, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, gender expression, ability, national origin, spirituality or family income.

What Does Inclusive Mean

Inclusion means we welcome people who, for whatever reason, don’t feel welcome in their local scouting options. It could be because they are: LGBTQ, Same Sex Parents, Transgender, Neurodivergent, Atheists, Homeschooled, their religion or something else.

Home School Scouting

We encourage adults and other community members to contribute to the development of home-schooled children. This program helps instill values important for the growth and development of home-schooled children by exposing them to the different aspects of society through community service and outdoor skills.


We acknowledge that religion, whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Buddism, or any other established faith can play a positive role in youth development. We want to provide a secular alternative for those who don’t feel religion is a requirement for youth development.

Start Your Own Chapter

Navigators USA understands that every community is unique, so we give you the freedom to run your Chapter according to what you think would work best. To get started, you need a minimum of two leaders and five children. Once your group gets assembled, fill out our Chapter Application and submit it to us via electronic or regular mail. Once we process your application, someone from our team will reach out to help you set up insurance and provide other resources. Keep in mind that there are no application or start-up fees!

The Value of Alternative Scouting

Become Your Best Self

Become Your Best Self

Our program helps people in groups to become aware of themselves. They learn about their capabilities and shortcomings while interacting with others in groups. This way, people know how to become the best versions of themselves.



Our program is committed to ensuring
the safety of all individuals, regardless
of race, gender, or region. Our
program allows participants to
express their identities in a safe and
equal environment.

The Equality Of People | Navigators USA


Our program helps develop leadership skills in individuals by teaching them how to lead small groups within the organization. This is an excellent way for people to learn how to be effective leaders and work together towards a common goal.

Youngsters and children develop into adults with experience dealing with all challenges in life.


Our program is based on the belief that everyone has something to contribute, & that by working together we can build a stronger, more cohesive society. We strive to create an environment of understanding & respect.

Life Skills | Navigators USA


The scouting program not only helps individuals within the group to learn various life skills but also helps them progress from one level to another. Teamwork is essential in scouts as it allows them to manage a group and work towards common goals, leading to personal advancement.

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Alternative Scouting


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