Start a Scouting Chapter

Navigators USA gives you the freedom to run your Chapter the way you see fit. To create a purpose-driven, fun, and sustainable enterprise, we recommend, not following the typical drop-off program. Building a nature-oriented community takes all ages, all genders working together. This should be as much for the adults as it is for the children.

Why Start a Scouting Chapter?

It is important that children receive stimulating and formative experiences to develop into mature, courageous, and resilient individuals able to thrive in a complex world.

By starting a new Scout Chapter, children of different regions and diverse backgrounds learn new life skills and the Navigator’s Moral Compas, becoming competent to face any hardship in life.

How to start a New Scouting Chapter

It is essential to have at least two leaders and five children to start a new Chapter. The family model involves all parents in all activities, which is the key to maintaining a vibrant, sustainable scouting chapter. Although convincing people not to utilize a drop-off program may offer challenges, the benefits are evident once they are on board.

To learn more about starting a chapter, review the Starting a Navigator Chapter document.

Filling Application for Starting
Scouting Chapter

Once you’ve gather a committed group, all you need to do is fill out an application, either a pdf to be scanned and sent Chapter Application. or directly from this form.

There are no fees but you will need general liability insurance once you meet in person.

We offer a 50% subsidy on whatever premium you get for your first year.

Are you Looking to Start a New
Scouting Chapter?

Navigators USA is an all-inclusive, secular scout organization without cultural, regional, or gender bias.. If you are interested in starting a new scouting chapter and have questions, please t get in touch with us.