2018 Navigator Year End Appeal

Chapter Leader 1 (00:20):

The culture of the organization, uh, is something special. And I mean that in two ways. One is that it’s a tremendous group of people coming together, um, that are just very welcoming and the culture of the, of the organization and the troop is welcoming. And then the mission and the values of the organization are inclusive. And so between those two things and then getting out in the outdoors, being active, being social, it’s win, win, win, win, win across the board.

Chapter Leader 2 (00:50):

I think the sort of breakdown of community in our country is because there is a breakdown of civic organizations and without, if, if everybody only stays connected because they all think alike, then we’re gonna just keep dividing up, dividing into smaller and smaller groups and scouting gives you an opportunity to bond or really make bonds with people who don’t think just like you do. And you learn how to work with those

Chapter Leader 3 (01:16):

People. Looking at the moral compass, the message of inclusivity was really, um, important and exciting for us to be part of something like that.

Speaker 4 (01:26):

But then also introducing that inclusion and justice in a kid-friendly way. Cause I think that’s very intimidating even to parents who want to do it. You don’t know how, like how do you bring up to your little kids? All this scary stuff that’s happening, but you want them to be aware so that they don’t perpetuate it as they grow up. So it’s just, it’s a really great program I think to, to bring all that together.

Chapter Leader 5 (01:47):

We did not like the idea of just sending the kids off and basically having a drop off. We wanted to do things as a family group and one of the reasons that we chose navigators was because we could choose to do that.

Chapter Leader 6 (02:00):

I really was looking for an outdoor club for the kids, but then it was, it was neat to also, that’s where I found my new woman friends was the other moms. And it’s, it’s cool and it’s cool because they’re moms of kids close to my kids’ age, but then also moms of like junior high kids and so I can, um, I was just walking with another mom just this morning and asking her about what’s coming <laugh> in the next couple of years and that’s super helpful.

Chapter Leader 7 (02:26):

I’ve met people that I would’ve never met otherwise. And also just as exciting to me is that I’ve also learned about different activities in the area that places I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. So it’s been this fantastic broadening of my world basically.

Speaker 4 (02:44):

Um, I really feel like the kids kinda kept me afloat these last two years with all the political upheaval and, and everything going and it’s hard to stay positive, but every time I would go to my meetings with the kids, I would feel better about the world. Like they’d give me a lot of hope that we’re gonna make it, it <laugh> we’re gonna be okay.

Speaker 8 (03:04):

You know, at first I thought I wasn’t gonna like this program either cuz I wasn’t the type to be outside all the time. But I guess I just learned that it was a part of me that I couldn’t really see unless I joined navigators. I just did something that made help me go outside and

Speaker 9 (03:19):

Explore. This is the first place I allowed my daughter to go on trips and do activities without me. She’s able to now mingle and go to different places without being afraid. And I’m so thankful for her being a part of navigators cuz it helped her a lot emotionally in all different kinds of ways.

Speaker 10 (03:39):

It’s good to get out into the wilderness and just kind of relax and you don’t hear a whole bunch of big noises like cars beeping, horns, the sound of people running.

Speaker 9 (03:52):

If you haven’t done like cool things like camping or skiing or snowboarding, usually really do it or just like, don’t do it for the fun because there’s also things like helping other people out or, um, raising money for other people. So it’s like a mix between fun and helping other people.