DeLand, Florida

Chapter Leader 1 (00:00):

We have 18 kids, aged four to eight. We are homeschoolers, so I wanted to do something during the day rather than at night. As a lot of scouting organizations, um, have their meetings late after school gets out.

Chapter Leader 2 (00:16):

It’s been a lot of fun. The kids have all bonded so well, going to different events, different places, always with the same group of friends. It’s a lot about nature and exploring. We love it.

Chapter Leader 1 (00:30):

We as homeschoolers are used to doing everything, um, with our children. So we had never intended for it to be a drop off style, uh, program that we like exploring the world with our

Chapter Leader 2 (00:45):

Children. We have a, a portfolio that we pass on from parent to parent, whoever would like to leave the next meeting we go through, we all say our moral compass together at the beginning. We do a group game, everyone intro. They all know each other now, and the group game automatically happens without even being parent led. And then at the end tunneling out. Like it’s just been a really good experience for all the kids to learn the structure and of, of having a really good club.

Chapter Leader 1 (01:11):

Every meeting is led by a different person, which is, takes some of the pressure off of me, but it also allows the other parents to participate in topics that they find especially interesting.

Chapter Leader 2 (01:23):

We’ve met a lot of new people and, and then now groups are even starting off feeding off of the navigators, and we’re meeting together more because we’ve met such a good group of people.

Chapter Leader 1 (01:36):

We have kids of color, we have kids, um, who are neurodiverse. Um, we have kids of different religions.

Chapter Leader 2 (01:46):

We love the navigators and just keep looking forward to all of our adventures.

Chapter Leader 1 (01:50):

Almost everybody has commented that they like the, um, the mission of the navigators and being such an open and inclusive group.