Family Scouting

Our Family Scouting program not only allows but encourages the entire family to attend all meetings, activities, and adventures, building a stronger and more sustainable community. This strengthens the bonds not only within the families themselves but also with other members of the community. When families come together, it helps the adults as well as the children. Neighbors get to know neighbors and learn more about their own community.

Serving the Whole Family

When we say “family” we mean aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc. The more the merrier. There is so much more to learn with multi-generational and community members who don’t have children but want to contribute. Family scouting helps serve the whole family by providing several program levels suited to age and maturity that are family-friendly.

Activities we cover in family scouting

The activities we conduct help improve life skills for members of the chapters, whether mental, physical, or emotional. Some examples of activities include:

Mind - activities that challenge the mind

Body - physical activities the develop a healthy body

Planet - learn how to help the planet and our fellow creatures

Freedom - how to value what we have and help others in the community

What our Navigators say

Family scouting questions answered

Why Should You Join Family Scouting?

The whole family can benefit from family scouting by providing programs, activities, and events suited to all ages. Our priority is to bring the benefits of Scouting to more youth while remaining true to our mission.

What are the Benefits of Joining Family Scouting?

The important benefits of joining family scouting are:

  • Members are physically healthier.
  • Members become more self-reliant.
  • Members will be energized and refreshed.
  • Members get more out of their time.
  • Members feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Members have more fun.

How much does Family Scouting cost?

Joining the Navigator’s Family Scouting program is free of cost.

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How much does family scouting cost?

It is free to join our scouting program from.
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