Michael Morales SUBTITLED

Michael Morales (00:03):

The navigators, I mean, actually molding me to what I am today. You know, following the moral compass and becoming better as a person and getting away from all the negativity that I was living around. You know, we come from a hundred 10th of Madison, it was East Harlem. It was pretty hard, hard growing up. So getting away for just that little bit of time to actually put our mind at ease at the time when we did meet up, you know, especially playing basketball and then meeting up with you guys and teaching us how to be better people and taking us places we never been before. You know, like camping, cooking out an OAL fire, you know? Now, now I’m really good cook myself. I actually went to school for cooking, uh, because of it. I was just talking to my kids about that the other day, uh, about skiing, and they’re like, how you can ski dad you from, you from Harlem?

Michael Morales (00:55):

And I’m like, Hey, we learned <laugh> Robin always took a skiing. It was fun. I love skiing, selling Christmas trees. That was one of the things we always looked for every year. That was, that was amazing, you know, being around all the negativity throughout the week. We used to look forward to going to meetings instead of having to be outside, you know, doing what everybody else was doing. It was great experience. Just coming together with all my brothers and sister. You know, we, we, we picked up girls at the time and, uh, you know, we just had fun and learn stuff instead of being in the projects in the three bedroom apartment, you know, with three other siblings, you know, single mother, you know, we out here and, you know, I, I appreciate my mother for everything she’s done, but I wanted to give my my kids something better. You know, I’m always in touch with everybody that we started with. Definitely. They’re my brothers, you know, we grew up together and, you know, even though we separated and and went, went different ways, we always gonna remain navigators in the heart. You know, as a navigator, I promise to do my best to create a world free of prejudice and ignorance, to treat people of every race, create lifestyle and ability with dignity and respect to strengthen my body and improve,

Michael Morales (02:11):

Improve my mind, to reach my full potential to protect our planet and preserve our freedom.