Navigator Appeal

Chapter Leader 1 (00:02):
If everybody only stays connected because they all think alike, then we’re gonna just keep dividing up. Dividing into smaller, smaller, and smaller groups and scouting gives you an opportunity to bond or really make bonds with people who don’t think just like we do.

Chapter Leader 2 (00:17):
I promise to do my best to build a world free app. Prejudice and ignorance. Those principles in the moral compass were very much in line with the ethical society and the reasons that we had joined the society, and that is why we decided to join the Ethical Navigators.

Navigator 1 (00:32):
You know, at first I thought I wasn’t gonna like this program either cuz I wasn’t the type to be outside all the time. But I guess I just learned that it was a part of me that I couldn’t really see unless I joined navigators. I just did something that made, help me go outside and explore.

Chapter Leader 3 (00:48):
I just, I love the movement so much. I think it’s such a valuable thing that kids and families need now it’s this, you know, let’s be outdoors, let’s do science, let’s be boys and girls together because that’s been great to watch.

Chapter Leader 4 (01:02):
Just as exciting to me is that I’ve also learned about different activities in the area that places I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. So it’s been this fantastic broadening of my world, basically.

Navigator 2 (01:16):
As a navigator, I promise to do my best

Navigator 3 (01:18):
To create a world

Navigator 2 (01:20):
Free of prejudice and ignorance,

Navigator 3 (01:22):
Treat people of every race,

Navigator 2 (01:23):
Creed, lifestyle, and ability

Navigator 3 (01:25):
With dignity and respect

Navigator 1 (01:28):
To straighten my body and

Navigator 3 (01:29):
Improve my mind, to reach my full potential

Navigator 2 (01:31):To protect our planet.