Navigator Leaders Speak

Chapter Leader 1 (00:02):

We have a son and a daughter. So we were looking for something that we could do as a family altogether that was more in line with our family’s values.

Chapter Leader 2 (00:10):

We liked that it was inclusive, that there were boys and girls, um, and that it welcomed all types. I think that’s what drew us to

Chapter Leader 3 (00:18):

It. For the most of us, our focus was not really scouting for scouting’s sake, it was outdoors. We wanted to have skills, we wanted to have outdoor activities, but the humanist focus, the, uh, you know, I promised to do my best to build a world free app, prejudice and ignorance. Those principles in the moral compass were very much in line with the ethical society and the reasons that we had joined the society. And that is why we decided to join. The Ethical Navigators become chapter 33, 5 or six years

Chapter Leader 4 (00:48):

Ago, being two different genders in two different ages. We knew it was two activities a month versus four, and we do them all as a family. And so it’s also double counting as family time. And so it seemed like an efficient use of our time to join the navigators.

Chapter Leader 5 (01:03):

We did not like the idea of just sending the kids off and basically having a drop off. We wanted to do things as a family group, and one of the reasons that we chose navigators was because we could choose to do that.

Chapter Leader 6 (01:17):

I was looking for a way for my daughter to participate in scouting, and she had a number of boy friends that we wanted to include. So the, um, the co-ed part of navigators was important to us. And then we just, um, looking at the moral compass, the message of inclusivity was really, um, important and exciting for us to be part of something like

Chapter Leader 7 (01:42):

That. I think the sort of breakdown of community in our country is because there is a breakdown of civic organizations and without, if, if everybody only stays connected because they all think alike, then we’re gonna just keep dividing up, dividing into smaller and smaller groups, and scouting gives you an opportunity to bond or really make bonds with people who don’t think just like you do, and you learn how to work with

Chapter Leader 6 (02:10):


Chapter Leader 1 (02:10):

People. Now we’re really embracing the family oriented and family led, so we’re getting each of our families to kind of identify the things that they’re strong in and that they are passionate about and they’re signing up for months to kind of run things for that month.

Chapter Leader 8 (02:25):

So currently we have about 36 that are gonna enroll for this year. And um, up till this year they were about half and half. We do a five to eight year old group and a nine and up group.

Chapter Leader 7 (02:36):

The navigators are mostly boys because we had an established Girl Scout troop at the church. Um, but we do have some girls. We do have some girls that are not also in Girl Scouts and some of our girl scouts are also in navigators.

Chapter Leader 6 (02:50):

We get requests all the time for new members and we just at this time, can’t really even handle more than what we’ve got. I,

Chapter Leader 3 (02:57):

I joke with people that I’m barely qualified to be outside. Uh, so it is kind of funny that I have, I was a scouting leader for

Chapter Leader 2 (03:07):


Chapter Leader 5 (03:08):

Years. Every month we would come up with, uh, a meeting that we would bring the kids together and we would teach them whatever the topic of the month was. And then our program was to then the week after that, go on some sort of outing that would demonstrate that or that would give them an opportunity to practice

Chapter Leader 6 (03:25):

That. We had parent volunteers that covered and planned and organized just one of the meetings or maybe two of the meetings, and those parents that sort of got their feet wet doing that, or the ones that are stepping up to take more of a leadership role this year. So that’s been really helpful.

Chapter Leader 9 (03:41):

I like the fact that it allows the groups to kind of evolve in their own way. It’s inclusive in that way as well. Like, it’s not like you have to fit this particular thing, here’s the general idea and here’s where you need to go.

Chapter Leader 10 (03:55):

Met a lot of really great friendships this way too. So folks we would not have met outside of Wow, the navigator context.

Chapter Leader 4 (04:01):

I really was looking for an outdoor club for the kids, but then it was, it was neat to also, that’s where I found my new woman friends was the other moms. And it’s, it’s cool and it’s cool because they’re moms of kids close to my kids’ age, but then also moms of like junior high kids. And so I can, um, I was just walking with another mom just this morning and asking her about what’s coming <laugh> in the next couple of years and that’s super

Chapter Leader 6 (04:26):

Helpful. A number of our families were new to Cincinnati when we started navigators, um, and didn’t really have a community, so it just has worked that our chapter has been like a fantastic community for our family members.

Chapter Leader 8 (04:41):

I really feel like we’ve created a village. Like this is my village. I can call almost any of these parents if I need something. You know, we’re doing stuff, our kids are going to camps together. If I need a babysitter and a pinch, I call one of them. So it’s been really nice and it’s almost like having another family.

Chapter Leader 9 (04:57):

I’ve met people that I would’ve never met otherwise. And also just as exciting to me is that I’ve also learned about different activities in the area that places I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. So it’s been this fantastic broadening of my world basically.

Chapter Leader 2 (05:15):

The main consideration that I would say is that the culture of the organization and the truths, uh, is something special. And I mean that in two ways. One is that it’s a tremendous group of people coming together, um, that are just very welcoming and the culture of the, of the organization and the troop is welcoming. And then the mission and the values of the organization are inclusive. And so between those two things and then getting out in the outdoors, being active, being social, it’s win, win win, win win across the board

Chapter Leader 6 (05:48):

For me as a leader, it has been, I don’t even have the words to describe how wonderful it is to watch kids, not just my own grow up and navigators and get to know them really well and just, um, you know, see all of their diverse talents and strengths come together to make a successful group has been really

Chapter Leader 8 (06:08):

Great. I just, I love the movement so much. I think it’s such a valuable thing that kids and families need now it’s this, you know, let’s be outdoors, let’s do science. Let’s be boys and girls together because that’s been great to watch and see how these kids smash all the stereotypes all the time. But then also introducing that inclusion and justice in a kid friendly way. Cause I think that’s very intimidating even to parents who want to do it. You don’t know how, like how do you bring up to your little kids all this scary stuff that’s happening, but you want them to be aware so that they don’t perpetuate it as they grow up. So it’s just, it’s a really great program, I think, to, to bring all that together. And the flexibility’s nice and I dunno, it’s just, it’s been really wonderful for our family and we’re grateful it exists.

Navigator (06:56):

As a navigator, I promise to do my best

Navigator (06:59):

To create a

Navigator (07:00):

World free of prejudice and ignorance

Navigator (07:02):

To treat people of every race, create

Navigator (07:04):

Lifestyle ability

Navigator (07:05):

With dignity and respect to strengthen my body and improve my mind, to reach my full potential

Navigator (07:11):

To protect our planet.