The Family Scouting Model

Chapter Leader 1 (00:03):

That’s another thing that I love about navigators. It is very family. Our chapter is very family oriented, so we get the moms and the dads, or the family members and we all come together and, you know, do different activities. And I specifically say that it is not a drop off. I really feel like we need time to spend with our families together, enjoying other families together, exploring the world, navigating the world.

Chapter Leader 2 (00:30):

We, we are really heavily into the, the family model. We, we all, except for, you know, if some emergency or something comes up, we’re generally all there, um, for the meetings and for the adventures. And we really liked it.

Chapter Leader 3 (00:43):

I think navigators, um, having the parents involved and having kids of all ages where the older kids can teach the younger kids and bring them along.

Speaker 4 (00:53):

And I think as parents, the part that we fell in love with was that we were a part of it as well. We were encouraged to be leaders, uh, like traditional scouting, but we were also encouraged to just participate as a family. And so instead of a, a place where we just drop off our kids and try to get stories out of them later, which is hard, uh, we got to stay with our kids and we got to experience, uh, what they were experiencing and we got to talk about things as we were doing them. And uh, it became really, uh, something we looked forward to doing as uh, a whole family.

Chapter Leader 5 (01:26):

We love navigators cuz it’s, um, it freezes up to do a lot of different things we wanna do and do a whole breadth of things that’s not, that has structure, but it’s not, um, completely directive, if that makes sense.

Chapter Leader 1 (01:38):

If someone’s going to start their own chapter, I think it is great to try to make it a collaborative process. Really use the talents of other family members because you’d be really surprised about people around you and how they have such diverse interests and expertise on things. And it can really, you know, be really good role models for not just the kids, but for the adults as well with each other. And it can grow into like a really beautiful thing. And I really, I can’t say enough about how much navigators can really kind of change the world.