UUFP Navigator Video

Chapter Leader 1 (00:00):

Having the scouts, navigators, um, in the church has been a very good way for our church to not be so insulated to. It has brought people from outside our little group of people who all know each other. It’s brought new people into the church and gave us, um, more contact and interaction with people that don’t necessarily believe the same things we believe. Um, built a sense of community. It’s one of the outreach things we do that isn’t just, um, service, a service project.

Chapter Leader 2 (00:37):

My twin sister had originally been the one to find navigators. Being able to go outdoors and interact with so many different ways of life that it just, you know, it, I fell in love with it. We went on a jamboree to St. Louis interacting with people from different places. It just kept me very active every time we go upstate New York, and when you get to that peak of the mountain and you can overlook the city, it’s the most beautiful thing you could see. I’m pretty sure without you people, I would not have been able to go on any of these navigators trips or experience any of you things in a lifetime.

Chapter Leader 3 (01:19):

I just, I love the movement so much. I think it’s such a valuable thing that kids and families need. Now it’s this, you know, let’s be outdoors, let’s do science. Let’s be boys and girls together, because that’s been great to watch. Just

Chapter Leader 4 (01:35):

As exciting to me is that I’ve also learned about different activities in the area that places I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. So it’s been this fantastic broadening of my world, basically.

Chapter Leader 5 (01:48):

As a navigator, I promise to do my best

Chapter Leader 6 (01:50):

To create a world free

Chapter Leader 5 (01:52):

Of prejudice and ignorance,

Chapter Leader 6 (01:54):

Treat people of every race, creed,

Chapter Leader 5 (01:55):

Lifestyle, and ability

Chapter Leader 6 (01:57):

With dignity and respect to straighten my body and improve my mind, to reach my full potential

Chapter Leader 5 (02:03):

To protect our planet.